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Quality Education Fund 25th Anniversary Pin Design Competition

To develop kindergarten students’ creativity and potential in arts, as well as to promote the deliverables of the QEF, a competition entitled “QEF 25th Anniversary Pin Design Competition” will also be held. All students studying in nursery schools / kindergartens (from nursery (K1) to upper kindergarten (K3)) can participate as individuals and submit one entry through his / her school. Each school could select the best three entries for the Competition.

Division and Eligibility

All students studying in nursery schools/kindergartens in Hong Kong (from nursery (K1) to upper kindergarten (K3)) are eligible for the Competition.

Division Entry Mode Remarks
Kindergarten By individual entry and submit ONE entry through his / her school The QEF Secretariat encourages school to organise an internal competition to select the best three entries for the Competition

Theme and Suggested Content

  • The design of the pin must meet the theme of Promotion of QEF Outcomes. Teachers and parents of the participants could visit the QEF website and QEF Cyber Resource Centre (QCRC) website for more information on QEF when providing guidance to the students

Format of Entries

  • The entries must be in colour. If the design includes any text, such content should be in Chinese or English language.
  • Students can use hand drawings with the use of crayons, watercolour, coloured pencil, etc. They can also use collage to design the entry.
  • The entries should be drawn within the circle with diameter of 18cm in Annex III(a).
  • The pin must not contain or quote the names, labels and trademarks of people, schools, companies and brands, etc. In addition, participants are not allowed to add text, symbols or pictures that represent personal information, such as signatures, borders and watermarks, in their entries.

Registration Procedures

Registration Arrangement
  • All entries must be submitted by the schools.
  • Participating schools may apply for the Competition via online application form.
Point to Note
  • Each participating school should only apply and submit entry to the activity page once. No amendments or replacements are allowed after the submission.
  • Each participating school should scan and upload not more than three entries to the activity page. Also, each participating school must fill in the registration form and declaration on the activity page. 。
Completed application form should be submitted on or before 30 November 2022 (Wednesday) (23:59HKT) to the activity page. Entries sent by post or submitted in person will NOT be accepted.
The entry submission time will be based on the date and time indicated in the QEF Secretariat’s server system. Late submissions will NOT be accepted.
After registration, participating schools will receive the confirmation of registration through email provided in the application by 9 December 2022 (Friday). Those who do not receive the above by then should contact Mr Dennis HUNG at 2123 6039.

Submission Requirements

All the entries submitted should be original works created by the entrants and have never been published or submitted for other similar competitions.
The following technical requirements shall apply to all the entry submission:
  • Format: PDF (resolution with no less than 300 dpi) / JPEG, PNG or TIFF format (no less than 2480 x 3508 pixels)
  • File Size: no more than 10MB
  • File Names: School Name_Student Name
    (e.g.: Hang Ten Kindergarten_Chan Tai Ming)

Judging Criteria

The judging panel consists of QEF Committee Members and EDB representatives. Entries will be assessed based on the following four criteria:

Criteria Weighting
Relevancy to the theme (extent to highlight the characteristics and deliverables of QEF) 25%
Creativity (originality, combination of old ideas into new ideas) 25%
Art elements and principles of design (form, focus, balance and colour) 25%
Production techniques (techniques used in drawing) 25%
  • The awarded entries may be produced into different publicity materials, e.g. pin, poster etc. The entries may also be uploaded to QEF website, QEF Cyber Resource Centre and activity page.

Awards and Prizes

  • Results are to be announced on the activity page in February 2023. Winners will receive email notifications and invitations to the award presentation ceremony.
    Award Number of Awardees Prize
    Book Coupons Trophy and Certificates
    Champion 1 entry HK$1,000 Book Coupon A trophy and a certificate
    1st Runner-up 1 entry HK$800 Book Coupon
    2nd Runner-up 1 entry HK$500 Book Coupon
    Merit Award 5 entries HK$100 Book Coupon
  • All participating schools who submitted eligible entries will receive a souvenir.
  • QEF Secretariat will notify the awardees to submit the original hand drawing upon result announcement. The original hand drawing will not be returned

Important Dates

Date Details
30 November 2022
(23:59 HKT)
Closing of registration
February 2023 Announcement of Competition results on the activity page
March 2023* Prize presentation ceremony cum entries exhibition

*Winners of the Competition will be notified of the detailed information upon result announcement.