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Project Title: Intelligent Career-oriented and Personal Development e-Platform
The proposed project aims at developing a school-based mobile application platform (Intelligent Career-oriented and Personal Development e-Platform) which enables the conduct of the school-based Career and Life Education curriculum, the transmission of information related to career and life-planning education to students, and enhancement of communication among students, teachers, parents, the alumni and the school. It also aims to arouse students' active participation in self-exploration during their growth throughout their school life via the school-based curriculum in Life Education, collecting information regarding their life-time career and make informed choices of their life planning for future years after graduation.
Project Period 2019-11-01 to 2020-05-31
Grantee New Asia Middle School
Project Nature School-based Management
Category Using e-Learning (IT) for Effective Learning
Sub-category Dedicated Funding Programme for Publicly-funded Schools
Applicant Sector Secondary
Beneficiary Secondary
Project No. 2018/0700
Grant Approved $200,000
Hits 132
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