QEF Collection / 優質教育基金計劃資料

Central Resources Centre (CRC) at KTESC presents QEF collection to facilitate the sharing of QEF project implementation experiences and outcomes. The collection has a stock of around 2,800 titles of resources gathered/developed by QEF projects. Materials such as project proposals, publications, video strips, learning and teaching resources, educational software and websites will be exhibited in CRC.
You can use Project Number, Keywords in Title, Keywords in Subject, Exact Title, Exact Subject, Keywords in Publisher as your searching criteria.

您可以使用不同的搜索條件,例如項目編號、在計劃名稱中的關鍵詞、在計劃目標中的關鍵字、確切的標題 、確切的主題等等,以搜尋有關計劃。


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