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Recent Completed Projects
School-based Curriculum Development - An Evidence-based 3C’s Early Childhood Curriculum
The project aims at developing for 3 kindergartens under Yan Oi Tong a school-based curriculum for enhancing young children's skills in communication, collaboration, creativity (3C) and their self-directed learning ability, strengthening curriculum leadership through action research and developing teachers' professional competence in implementing the 3C curriculum. The 3C curriculum action research booklet developed will be the tangible deliverable of the project.
Project Period 2016-04-01 to 2017-09-30
Grantee Yan Oi Tong Education Services Division
Project Nature Education Research
Category Enhancing Learning and Teaching, and Assessment Literacy with a view to Enhancing Student Learning O
Sub-category Other Educational Research (e.g. Action Research)
Applicant Sector Others
Beneficiary Pre-primary
Project No. 2015/0106
Grant Approved $552,200
Hits 5816
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