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Recent Completed Projects
Exploration of Life through Movie Education
The proposed project aims at enabling students to reflect on the meaning and value of life through simulated learning and teaching environment by appreciation of movies. The project activities will help students to establish positive life values and promote innovative learning and teaching mode by watching movies, which will also promote creative art and culture education, and articulate the community to promote life education. The number of beneficiaries will be 23,213 students and teachers. The project deliverables will include learning and teaching materials on life education, publication on students' learning outcome, life education website and a micro movie to promote life education.
Project Period 2016-03-01 to 2019-01-31
Grantee School Education Division, The Methodist Church, Hong Kong
Project Nature Effective Learning
Category Values Education
Sub-category Pedagogy/Teaching Resources/Learning and Teaching Resources
Applicant Sector Tertiary Education
Beneficiary Cross-sector
Project No. 2014/0725
Grant Approved $2,624,500
Hits 1352
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