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Recent Completed Projects
Innovation Technology, New Reading Experiences Innovation Technology: Good practice on Innovative Technology to create a better reading atmosphere New Reading Experiences: Fullfill and experiences the
The project aims at promoting a reading culture, reading across curriculum and self-directed learning among students through upgrading the library system as well as adopting Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and a reading...
Enhancing the learning and teaching in Geography through Flipped Classroom
The project aims at enhancing learning and teaching effectiveness in Geography and students' self-learning habits, as well as catering for learner diversity through the use of flipped classroom approach and an e-learning platform.
Enhancing teachers' well-being in Hong Kong through mindfulness training
The project aims at enhancing the well-being of teachers in Hong Kong through mindfulness training. Teachers of 8 primary schools will be the beneficiaries. Project deliverables are a mindfulness training package for teachers and a...