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有教無『戾』─ 校園欺『零』計劃和諧大使服務手冊 (書本連光碟)
有教無『戾』─ 校園欺『零』計劃和諧大使服務手冊 (書本連光碟)
Product Code 2008020804

Please refer to the Chinese version.

Project Title 有教無『戾』─ 校園欺『零』計劃和諧大使服務手冊 (書本連光碟)
Category Catering for Learners’ Diversity
Grantee City University of Hong Kong - Department of Applied Social Studies
Target Sector Secondary
ISBN 978-988-17052-7-3
Price HKD 80
Release Date 2012-04-05 17:28:28