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20th Anniversary Commemorative Publication

Electronic Deliverables on Supporting Students with Special Educational Needs (SEN)
The QEF will develop electronic deliverables from selected projects with the aims of disseminating worthwhile project deliverables and enhancing learning and teaching effectiveness through interactive elements.
The QEF has developed 8 sets of electronic deliverables on supporting students with special educational needs (SEN):
  • Interventions for Students with Specific Learning Difficulties
  • Language Intervention Guide for Parents
  • Visual Training Kits for Visual Impairment Students
  • Support for ADHD Primary School Students
  • Family Growth Development
  • Enhancement of Reading and Writing Skills of Physically Handicapped Pupils with Neuro-developmental Disabilities
  • Support for Autistic Children Attending Mainstream Schools
  • Handling SEN students at schools
Please refer to the hyperlink or QR code below to download free trial versions.
Android version
           iOS version
           PC version
Feedbacks from stakeholders are welcome to facilitate our future development.