Grantee : Choice English School and Kindergarten (Tsing Yi)
Project No. : 2012/0187
Grantee : Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Lee Ching Dea Memorial College
Project No. : 2012/0220
Grantee : Quality Education Fund
Product Code: QTN0000005
Grantee : Department of Special Education and Counselling, HKIEd
Product Code: QTN0000003
Content : Establishing an active and healthy lifestyle for teachers, students and their parents through the setting up of a physical fitness centre at the school. This centre not only facilitated the students’ understanding of the importance of physical fitness, it was also a crucial component in the latest Physical Education Curriculum in which effective and interactive teaching and learning methods were emphasized. The Centre was equipped with systematic digital physical fitness assessment facilities, making it an ideal place to serve as a resource centre in the district as well as assisting teachers to resolve any issues in the implementation of the Physical Education Curriculum.
Date : 13.10.2010
Grantee : Quality Education Fund
Product Code: RND0000008
Grantee : The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups - School Social Work Unit
Project No. : 2011/0408
Grantee : Sheng Kung Hui Fung Kei Primary School
Project No. : 2012/0185
Content : To promote life education to S1 to S3 students, the Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention, Hong Kong, has conducted a QEF project at leading the students to reflect the meaning of life so as to treasure their life through organising a series of activities including experimental learning and drama-in-education.
Date : 22.10.2014
Grantee : The University of Hong Kong - Department of Psychology
Project No. : 2009/0411
Grantee : Quality Education Fund
Product Code: RND0000007
Grantee : The University of Hong Kong
Product Code: CNR0000001
Content : In the QEF Project, “Quality Small Class Teaching – Developing Cooperative Learning in Core School Subjects” , cooperative learning was incorporated in Chinese, English, Mathematics and General Studies to enable students to actively participate in learning activities in class, adopt social skills to share with others and learn as a group. In this dissemination activity, lesson observations on 4 subjects, namely Chinese, English, Mathematics and General Studies were arranged, followed by sharing sessions.
Date : 10.11.2010
Title : Campus TV
Grantee : Buddhist Wong Cheuk Um Primary School
Project No. : 2012/0059

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