Grantee : Active and Independent Education Limited
Product Code: 2008032600
Content : In the QEF Project, “Quality Small Class Teaching – Developing Cooperative Learning in Core School Subjects” , cooperative learning was incorporated in Chinese, English, Mathematics and General Studies to enable students to actively participate in learning activities in class, adopt social skills to share with others and learn as a group. In this dissemination activity, lesson observations on 4 subjects, namely Chinese, English, Mathematics and General Studies were arranged, followed by sharing sessions.
Date : 10.11.2010
Grantee : Department of Special Education and Counselling, HKIEd
Product Code: QTN0000003
Grantee : Hong Chi Morninglight School Yuen Long
Project No. : 2011/0312
Grantee : Buddhist Wong Cheuk Um Primary School
Project No. : 2011/0231
Grantee : The Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention, Hong Kong
Project No. : 2011/0099
Content : The QEF encouraged applicants to enhance the efficiency in administrative work and reduces teachers’ workload through the use of a smart card system for attendance checking, fee collection and door lock, etc. To disseminate the project under this theme, QEF arranged a site visit and experience sharing from two schools to encourage other schools to consider applying for funding to use new technology.
Date : 09.10.2009
Grantee : The University of Hong Kong
Product Code: CNR0000001
Content : In this activity, there was a sharing session on the importance of correct Cantonese pronunciation to infants’ language development, an introduction to the contents of the Cantonese pronunciation tests for teachers and students and a lesson demonstration of teaching Cantonese pronunciation. Interested teachers could even try a test of Cantonese pronunciation on the spot.
Date : 21.01.2011
Grantee : Sha Tin Government Primary School
Project No. : 2011/0233
Title : Campus TV
Grantee : The Church of Christ in China Chuen Yuen Second Primary School
Project No. : 2011/0287
Content : Two projects were conducted in this activity. The first project aimed at promoting health education to kindergarten students through helping them develop habits of regular exercise and healthy drinking and eating. Activities organized included parent-child fitness classes, an award scheme, a cooking competition and health talks on how to choose leisure activities and healthy food. The second project aimed at facilitating physical, emotional and social development of pre-school children. Lessons were designed to promote the imagination and of emotion expression of students.
Date : 04.12.2009
Content : QEF Project “Art Creativity Learning Programme in Community” promoted 8 types of artistic expressions, enhancing students’ artistic skills and appreciation abilities, developing their creativity and tying in with the need of a person’s holistic development as well as the trend of global development.
Date : 25.02.2011
Content : Establishing an active and healthy lifestyle for teachers, students and their parents through the setting up of a physical fitness centre at the school. This centre not only facilitated the students’ understanding of the importance of physical fitness, it was also a crucial component in the latest Physical Education Curriculum in which effective and interactive teaching and learning methods were emphasized. The Centre was equipped with systematic digital physical fitness assessment facilities, making it an ideal place to serve as a resource centre in the district as well as assisting teachers to resolve any issues in the implementation of the Physical Education Curriculum.
Date : 13.10.2010

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