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Special Educational Needs (4 July 2015)

The Department of Special Education and Counselling of The Hong Kong Institute of Education has conducted a QEF project to compile the existing teaching materials for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) into a multimedia computer program for interactive learning. Under the project, a computer-based Theory of Mind (ToM) instructional program was developed for the students with ASD.

Teachers’ Professional Experience Sharing Month 2015

The Teachers' Professional Experience Sharing Month (TPESM) is jointly organized by the Quality Education Fund (QEF), the Hong Kong Teachers' Centre (HKTC) and related education bodies.

With “Nourishing Quality Netizens: Teachers’ Role and Paradigm Shift in Education” as the main theme, the TPESM 2015 converged the power of education bodies, enhanced teachers’ professional development and promoted quality education through collaborative learning and experience sharing.

The TPESM 2015 covered a great variety of activities. In addition to thematic presentations in the forum, there were 30 different sessions in various formats such as talks and workshops.

Teachers’ Professional Experience Sharing Month 2015 (14 & 21 March 2015)

For details, please see Chinese version.

Dissemination Seminar (7) - Effective Learning: A Project Promoting Effective Methods of Teaching Chinese Characters to Young Children in Hong Kong: Ways of Teaching Pupils to Recognise and Write Chinese Characters

This project, funded by the Quality Education Fund, is carried out by the Faculty of Education of The University of Hong Kong with the aim of developing effective methods of teaching Chinese characters to young children in Hong Kong by ways of teaching them to recognize and write Chinese characters through case studies, school visits, lesson observations and trial teachings.

(the activity will be conducted in Cantonese)